January 1, 2012


And just like that, the old year is gone again.
I swear, I didn't even see it coming this time around.
Finally got a job in November (you'd better appreciate those McD's people, just sayin'), and next thing I know I've already been there nearly two months. Got the weekend off for our youth retreat --which was quite beautiful-- and suddenly I realize the evening of getting back that the year is over.
It really makes me wonder, though, what impact I made in the last year. The month, the last week for that matter. Using Twitter as an example, since the ease of tweeting from my phone when I have a second is really helpful lately, I'm scrolling through the past few things I've said. Or rather, the things I've failed to say. All weekend at an amazing Christian conference with some of my favorite people, and I comment on how we get locked out of our hotel room and the chicks wearing short-shorts in December.
Now ain't that just about the most pitiful thing you've ever heard.

While I'm probably still on that "high" that anyone who has been to something like this knows all too well, I still really want to do better this year. I constantly berate myself for wasting this (small as it is) influence I somehow have. All the social networks and forums I'm on, and I mention once how God is working. Vaguely, at that. I disgust myself sometimes.

So, without making a resolution and therefore guaranteeing that I'll fail twice as badly, this is what I hope: That I will be a better light.

Ignore that I haven't gotten a proper amount of sleep in the last two weeks and I haven't written anything worthwhile in who knows how long. Just listen. Don't hear what I'm not saying, but don't let my lack of skill in blogging be a distraction.
If you're reading this, it's quite likely you're still alive. And if you're still alive, that means that God isn't done with you. We've been given a little more time. God only knows how much time each person has left, but for however long that is, your job is to --to quote the phrase we heard all weekend-- "make God famous and happy." Share your faith with anyone you can, and use your time wisely to glorify Him.

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  1. Don't berate yourself too much, Ash. Everyone say's stuff at times they shouldn't say it, and don't say it at times they should. Thankfully, God had that planned out! (: