February 29, 2012

Wait. It's Spring!

Usually I count March 1 as the first day of spring, but since it's a leap year and therefore still February, I guess it's not really spring yet. But close enough.

Last Friday and Saturday I went with the college group to pass out flyers for the Courageous movie night our church is holding at the school. In this itty bitty town of ours, we gave out approximately 150 flyers, and that's not counting however many were handed out aside from those two days. I'm really excited to see how God uses this. It's gonna be great :D

And since I'm in such a good mood today, --and because I refuse to let this day be as boring as it feels like it'll be-- I made a new Pinterest board: http://pinterest.com/Sapphira/life-plain-and-simple/

My poor internet...

But really, you should just go look through the archive of the site where I found most of those pins. It's beautiful :D I was smiling to myself as I read them.
Makes one realize just how much you miss every day. I've noticed I haven't stopped and just tried to find something to be thankful for lately. I'm gonna have to start doing that again.

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