March 21, 2012


336. those couples who kiss in parking lots like no one's watching

337. re-reading Lord of the Rings

338. pepperoni pizza and Mt. Dew for lunch

339. youth conferences

340. seeing the grass suddenly turn green after a thunderstorm

341. knowing I'm not the only one who says odd things

342. that look I get when people realize I talk in class

343. knowing family and friends so well that I know what they're thinking before they say it

344. TOMS

345. getting a haircut

346. the way winter turns to summer without warning

347. being able to wear shorts again

348. laughing because the girls in a group all have less luggage than the guys

349. quiet conversations

350. pop-tarts

351. wearing black

352. finishing one more subject in school

353. calling into work so you don't have to miss church and not getting written up

354. buying Mom a birthday present

355. seeing books slowly overflow your shelves

356. making a scrapbook of random things

357. sketching after months of no drawing at all

358. saving loose change

359. that moment when your bad mood suddenly vanishes

360. forgiving people

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